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The largest and most multileveled building in all of Tomahna, the Laboratory is the central hub of the whole Age. Although there are smaller laboratories within Tomahna that cater to specific tasks or work, the main Laboratory is where all major projects are developed and built and where the office of the head scientist can be found. Machines of all sorts are found here, only accessible by special key cards and security is strict here even when no one is around. Here is also where secret projects are done on the lowest level, like making portals, research for The Art and other work requested by the King and Queen of Uru, and is where only those trusted by the head scientist are allowed to enter. Inside is what could be called an organized mess, nothing seems to have a place but it is meticulously kept by the Prodigies who work here and nothing is ever dared move except by the person who placed the object there in the first place. There is always a flurry of movement within the lab, even at times in the dead of night, people are always working. For appearances alone, there are two portraits hung on the wall at the top level outside of the head scientists office, one of Atrus and one of Yeesha. Subforum: Greenhouse
148Thu May 30, 2013 8:00 pm
Roshen Kirkland Curiosity Killed the Cat
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Dotted between laboratories are the Prodigy apartments. Only one of the apartment buildings is extravagant, used for the head scientist and those directly under him and is the building that Yeesha once called home. It alone has all the fancy to-do’s, while the other apartments for the Prodigies are small, rounded and plain. Those who are favored have nicer accommodations; better appliances, plumbing, nicer linens, better food and fans, while all other Prodigies live in simple rooms, very often sharing space with a roommate or two. There are two buildings specifically that have security and are locked from the outside and these apartment buildings hold the Prodigies that have been kidnapped and forced to live in Tomahna against their will.
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Memory Chamber

Once when the Protectors had full control of the Age, it was covered in breathtaking crystal buildings, all sacred to the Protectors and all had meaning to them. When the Age was taken over, these buildings were destroyed and seeing the crystal’s beauty and value, was given to Uru to create buildings. Many Protectors died trying to save their sacred landmarks and their village, but they were able to save their most precious building, the Memory Chamber. In truth the scientists of Tomahna were intrigued by the Memory Chamber and in hopes of someday investigating it, let the Protectors keep it standing. Now the remaining Protectors live in a small encampment outside of the Memory Chamber to forever keep a watchful eye over it. The Memory Chamber stores the souls of those passed, allowing them to share memories with those who wish it but not constrict them to the building itself. It is said the souls are allowed to travel to and from paradise (heaven as it were) to the Memory Chamber. The bodies of those passed are placed inside the Memory Chamber and ceremoniously burned, which allows the soul and its memories to release inside and imprint. When one wishes to view memories of a soul, they are to first bathe themselves then enter inside, where one sits in a reclined chair of crystal and a square crystal stone comes down and sits lightly on their face. It is then said they are transported to a land of white mist and stars, where the memories move before them as if they were the person themselves and can feel the warm presence of the person who passed. Some would even say they were able to speak to the deceased as if they were still alive. To do this however requires mental training to prepare how to properly receive these memories and move among the spirit realm. Without proper training, a person can become lost and disorientated in the spirit realm and not return as themselves.
14Fri May 31, 2013 2:21 pm
Meesha Among Friends and Enemies
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