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PostSubject: Terminology   Terminology EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 5:12 pm

Myst: The plane/realm that holds all Ages within it and the name of the first Age created by Atrus, Myst Island. Myst would be considered like Earth, and the Ages within it like countries.

Plane: A dimension or realm that holds worlds within it, much like a solar system. No planes are connected to one another, only the worlds (Ages) within them can be connected and moved across to one another. Myst is considered a Plane. D’ni, Atrus’s home world, was an Age on a separate plane. Earth and its solar system would be considered an example of a plane.

Ages: Different worlds found in the Plane of Myst. Myst is the name of all of these Ages in a whole, like saying Russia is a part of Earth. The Ages once could only be accessed by linking books for quite some time and all Ages were not aware of the others. After Yeesha created linking portals, all Ages can now access one another.

Linking books: Linking books are an extension of an ability that Atrus had, who used it to escape his homelands, D'ni. He passed this ability, called The Art, down to his children. By writing words in a book, much like writing a story, he could create other worlds, which he called Ages. All it took was one word, and anyone could touch the pages and travel into these Ages. Things could be added or erased at any time. A linking book was needed to enter the Age and another linking book was needed to return where you first started. Many linking books were destroyed in the war or damaged to the point where they could no longer work. The ones that are left can be found on Myst Island.

Linking portals: Yeesha, Atrus's daughter, created linking portals with the help of Prodigies in Tomahna. She wanted linking portals created so that the power of linking books could be shared by all and be easier to use. This however lead to war and ultimately, her death. Linking portals are tall, round, steel and copper capsules powered by solar energy. Anyone may enter a linking portal, press a simple button and be transferred to a different Age. There is only one linking portal per Age and each are maintained by the Prodigies of Tomahna.

The Art: The Art is what the ability to create linking books and other worlds is called. Atrus, his sons, daughter, and granddaughter possess this ability. Though only a choice few know of his granddaughter's existence; it is believed to have ended with Yeesha. It is said that only those who lived in D'ni had the special abilities to create things from books, and all those people are now long gone. Atrus however was not the only one to possess The Art, and was not the only one to pass this ability on to his children who now reside in Myst.

Technology: Science exists in Myst and with it, technology. Although it is not like the technology we know of: phones, internet, guns and cars. Each Age has it's own access to technology that suits the needs of the people who inhabit it. A list of accessible technologies can be found on the Ages page, however any technology that existed from 1800 and before is more than likely also allowed in Myst. If you are unsure, simply ask the Admin.

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