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All about Eria Hanas

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Full Name :
Eria Hanas
Character Age :
Birthday :
May 24th
Home Age :
Rank :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Occupation :
Assistant Shopkeeper
Personality :
Eria is very curious. She has a strong desire to explore and learn all she can about other ages and other people. She's free-spirited, and while known for her compassion and her incredibly sweet nature, she can (on occasion) be just a little bit fiesty. She is almost never mean or extremely sarcastic, and is only sassy when teasing, or when she feels threatened in some way (in the latter case, she'll behave like this to lash out passive-aggressively). She's a relatively happy person who is usually warm and pleasant with those she interacts with on her island. And while she is most certainly very friendly, she is also fairly independent.

She is typically adept at making friends fast, and will even try to get acquainted with and befriend 'social outcasts'. Trying to be understanding with others is a big part of her ideals, especially since she believes each soul is important.
History :
When Eria was 13, her 9-year-old sister, Penelope, suddenly became very ill. Despite the best attempts of many other Nanites, the girl was never cured and soon died. Penelope's passing was devastating for Eria's family, but it did remind them to never take for granted the important things in life, and also brought them closer to the others in their community. The tragic loss of her sister also taught Eria to be strong and compassionate, for she had to help her grieving mother and father find solace and eventually move on.

Like all Nanites, she grew up with a fondness for the ocean. For Eria, this fondness extends to swimming, no matter what season it is. She loves to challenge herself by attempting to stay in the water as long as possible in the colder months. Whenever Eria needs to be found, everyone knows to first check the beaches.

Her curiosity led her to extend her formal education to the age of 15. She has studied about as much as she can about the other ages, both past and present. When she left school, she received her pet squee, Cimon (pronounced SI-mun).

In her teens, she met Meesha (whom she knows as Ti'ana) and became friends with her. They do not yet know each other well, but whenever Meesha comes to J'nanin the two usually get together and hang out at the festivals.

Always one to help, Eria currently assists her parents with running their small shop in J'nanin (usually having Cimon with her while working). She usually helps people check out their purchases, but on occasion she'll find and/or make things for the shop.
Other :
Physical Traits:
Slightly thin, but curvy

One deceased younger sister

Animals (most)
Music (& any other form of artistic expression)

Rudeness, unkindness, people not trying to understand, people being uncompassionate, etc.
Piranha birds

Sewing, knitting, and other 'crafting skills'
Playby :
Alexis Bledel
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The awesome Moderator! Smile
Eria Hanas
Rank: Nanite
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