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All about Lorelei Louvel

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Full Name :
Lorelei Atticus Louvel
Character Age :
Birthday :
May 14th
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Personality :
Meek and quiet, Lorelei never fit into her home of J'nanin. She was a girl who preferred to read books and sneak off to Myst Island than to revel in festivals and live in excess. She has always been seen as the black sheep of the family, far more content in being bossed around then being the one to do the bossing. She has the patience of a saint and it was often a game to the other children to see how far they could push her until she finally snapped at them. She has never had interest in staying in J'nanin, and grew up with dreams to leave to Uru and somehow go to school there. She has a adventurous mind, but does not have the soul or heart to back it up and is often afraid to try new things.

Lorelei does not possess a backbone and can be quite naive, so she follows whatever people tell her if she does not know any better. Sometimes she even pretends to not understand things merely to not get in a argument if she does happen to know more information on something that someone obviously does not. She gets nervous easily and is often reprimanded for stuttering or talking too softly. Books and learning is the only source of power she feels she has and her only comfort. She can hide herself in a good book and forget how different she stands out for the boisterous world of J'nanin.
History :
Lorelei was raised like any children in J'nanin; to be free, to have fun but to mind your parents and as a woman, she was the boss. However Lorelei was always different than the other children, while they played and yelled and jumped about, she much preferred to sit on the sidelines and watch. While they grew up and helped with chores and learned trades, she liked to sit and read and explore the island by herself. Much to her parent's disapproval she would go to Myst Island and read books, any book she could get her hands on. She studied other Ages and their languages, while her parents sighed and shook there heads at her. She became to be the odd duck of the village, though never mistreated badly people constantly encouraged her to be more outgoing and social, and although she tried she just never seemed able too.

It was then one day tension came. The Rivenese came to J'nanin, accusing them of stealing animals and fruits from their island. The council members insisted they had done no such thing, but the Rivenese were ever so certain it was them, not knowing it was truly rogue soldiers for Uru. They did not trust J'nanin's word and although the council members tried many things to appease them, Riven would not trust their word. Fearful that a war between them might break out, the council members came to the desperate fact that they had to do things the Riven way for if not they would never understand. So they did something they utterly hated, but felt it was one of the last things they could try before the Rivenese grew too angry.

The council members told Riven that they trusted them and only wanted to be trusted in return....and to show that trust, they would offer to them one of there own. And that was Lorelei. As the only person in all of J'nanin who had learned some of the Rivenese language and culture and the only one who stuck out like a sore thumb, she was offered. In fact it was Lorelei who spoke to the council members about how Rivenese thought and functioned, and gave them the idea in the first place. She was appealed and scared and upset, but Lorelei did not fight the decision. They gave her a choice to say no to the idea, but she would not put her people in danger and agreed full heartedly that it was the best choice in calming things with Riven.

Her parents and friends tried to disway her, but she would not change her mind. To her she tried to see it as a adventure...a scary one, but a adventure. She knew the Rivenese were known for being barbaric at times, but saw it as a opportunity to learn and hoped someday when tensions calmed and they saw J'nanin wasn't the one stealing from them she could return home. She figured she'd live with them and that was all...never expecting she'd be married off to their leader and trapped there forever.
Other :
Likes: Birds, books, running water, quiet, peace, being left alone, helping people, being useful.

Dislikes: Arguments, violence, failing people, ignorance, cruelty to animals or children, being pushed out of her comfort zone.
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emilia clarke
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Lorelei Louvel
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