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PostSubject: History   History EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 7:24 pm

Once long ago, there was a world called D’ni. It was a prosperous land, peaceful and opulent, where all had the power to create by writing what they wished in books and with that magic could draw what they wrote from its pages. Some could create food, other’s homes, plants, clothing and even people, all had affinities and everything was obtained by the power to create. This kept the world of D’ni in harmony for many years, a utopia, but just like the Garden of Eden, it crumbled. People soon became consumed with greed and jealousy, wanting the ability to create things that others could and soon sparked an internal war that quickly destroyed D’ni’s perfection. Among this war was a man named Atrus, who was newly married to a woman named Catherine who was expecting their first child. Atrus had the ability to create other worlds, an ability he had used more for entertainment as a child. But as D’ni fell, he created a world for he and his wife to escape too. He called it Myst.

On the island of Myst he and his wife lived in peace for many years. They had their first son, Achenar and several years later had another, Sirrus. Atrus taught his sons how to create worlds as well while he made others himself, which he came to call Ages, all which existed in the world of Myst. He could access these other Ages from Myst Island by his books, which his sons came to call linking books. He created hundreds of worlds, many which began taking life of their own, creatures and people appearing to live in these Ages, unaware other Ages existed and only knew that Atrus had created the world they lived in. He would visit these Ages with his sons, to teach and expose them to the wonders of the places their father had created and that they too could create. But as Achenar and Sirrus grew, so did their hunger for power. When they became adults they wished to rule the other worlds, to control the people and lands that each Age contained. Atrus and Catherine tried to desway their sons from such power, but they could not be convinced.

Atrus sons became destructive when their father refused to allow them to rule the Ages, and began destroying many of the books and traveling to several Ages and slaughtering the people and creatures that lived within them, who trusted Atrus and his sons. Finally realizing his sons were a threat to not only himself but to the Ages he had created and nurtured, he tricked his sons and trapped them into linking books without a way out. He then burned the books, trapping his sons to their eternal fate, to die alone in the prison Ages he had created for them. After this event Atrus moved himself and Catherine to a new Age, where they could try to forget the past grievances of their sons and continue their lives. Atrus continued to make Ages, and Catherina gave birth to a new child, a girl they named Yeesha. Atrus was wary to teach his daughter his ability, for he did not want the same fate to happen to her as his sons. But Yeesha was a kind child, gentle and giving and loved the Ages for what they were, and not for what she could do to them.

Atrus did finally teach Yeesha how to create linking books, though instead of creating new Ages, she instead focused on nurturing the one’s her father had already made. When her mother and father passed she buried them on Myst Island, and spent much time traveling between the different Ages, helping its people. Yeesha was a visionary, she wanted peace and unity like D’ni once had and felt that the Ages were not to their full potential being isolated from one another. She then got an idea, one that took her years to perfect, but once she did it was the beginning of disaster. All this time, only those who possessed linking books could travel between the Ages. Yeesha created a way for each Age to travel among one another easily, by creating a linking portal. She placed one in each Age and encouraged the people to travel among each other and learn from one another. But the peace Yeesha meant to create did not come to pass.

What happened was war. As the different Ages learned of one another and explored each other’s land, they wanted to possess one another. Each Age wanted to claim other Ages as their own and a war broke out between them all. Yeesha kept all the original linking books on Myst Island, but many were burned and destroyed. Yeesha became devastated and helpless and knew if something was not done, then all the Ages her father had created would be turned into nothingness. To reverse what she had done, she began destroying the linking portals, but was caught in Uru and locked away as a prisoner in Tomahna. She was kept there as the war continued, but soon others began learning the technology Yeesha knew from the books her father had left her. When people began to learn how to make linking portals themselves and the other technologies Yeesha knew, she was killed, deemed useless. But they killed her far too soon. A short while after Yeesha was killed, it was found in one of Atrus’s journals a passage that changed everything.

Myst was not the only plane that held Ages. Atrus wrote briefly that there were other planes that existed, such types that held places like D’ni, which had never existed in Myst. But there was no more of this in Atrus’s journals, and nothing else more could be found of it, but all directions pointed to the fact Yeesha had known how to do this, but it was too late. The Art of creating linking books was gone forever, and this quickly stopped the war. People feared their worlds being destroyed permanently now that there was no one alive that could heal their Age through a linking book. To some Ages, they were content to continue their lives peacefully, while others began the quest to learn The Art that Yeesha knew, and to create linking portals to these other planes that Atrus’s journals spoke of. The Ages rebuilt and a treaty was contracted, to allow safe passage of anyone between the different Ages. Fights however still happen from time to time, politics between the Ages are at their ultimate high and a thirst for power and technology goes on.

It has been eighteen years since Yeesha was killed and the war ended. No one has been able to create linking books or linking portals to other planes, but technology steadily grows and a hesitant peace still exists. What no one was aware of was…that Yeesha had a child, a daughter, who was born two years before the war and kept hidden. She holds the power of The Art, and knows how dangerous it is for anyone to know she exists. She lives in hiding and no one knows of her, yet. But what she doesn't know is...she's not the only one.

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