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All about Cecelie Atreyu

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Full Name :
Cecelie Atreyu
Character Age :
Birthday :
May 30th
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Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Infatuated with Hawke Vezzan
Occupation :
Personality :
Where to begin with this broken young lamb? Cece is the sort of girl who would have sympathy for the devil. “But he loved God the most” She would say, defending those who profess love as their only meaning to their madness. Somewhere beneath her rough exterior is a hopeless romantic, and it shines brightly through her colorful paintings of places she’d rather be. Cecelie Atreyu is a mixture of two polar opposites. She’s a sweet, empathetic old soul, who would listen to a man on death with an open mind and give him a gentle smile before he closed his eyes. Though this is not the girl that every man will meet.

To other’s, Cecelie is a very sharp witted, lioness. She’s a femme fatale who, honestly, could knock your front teeth out. It would only be as a last resort, since words to fight would come quicker than a fist or the knife she keeps hidden; but she does know how to banter like the boys. Most men she meets will see this persona. They won’t get the opportunity to see her sweet nature, because men cannot be trusted. It would take great compassion to get passed Cece’s brick walls and into her heart, but then again she isn’t one to leave someone hanging. It’s a complicated, and exhausting nature to maintain, what with all the mess she’s got going on in her head. Most manage to just find her mysterious, and are left curious by the secrecy of the once nomadic girl.
History :
The story of Atreyu and Louisa isn’t entirely clear, but it isn’t important to paint the picture of the woman that is Cecelie. Born to a gypsy-like family, she lived a humble but exciting life. They traveled secretly through the Ages, keeping a low profile as they explored and observed the other Ages. They learned their technologies, religions, and everything else in between. The group of twelve were not so much explorers of the land, but of the people. They wanted to learn what made each Age tick, and what thoughts made up their minds.

Through these travels a few were lost, as well as a few gained. Atreyu, the leader of the group, kept secrets of his life to himself, and didn’t dare share the dangers with Cecelie. She knew her mother was a woman from J’nanin, yet her father’s origins and reasons are a mystery even to this day. She had no idea how they met, or even where they’ve gone or where they will end up as the years go on.

The war may have ended eighteen years ago, but soliders and hatred still linger on. Philosopher's are not always welcome, for they may find secrets that are not meant for strangers. Suspicion followed her family as they traveled to a different Age, and in the middle of one night Cecelie woke up to her mother screaming. There was a fire, and the sound of men yelling still haunts her. Before her mind could even comprehend the danger that was going on all around her she froze to see her mother dead, and the home they were staying in was burning to the ground. Knowledge, even for the greater good, comes with a price, and isn’t meant to be shared with just anyone. The soldier’s that came after her family made sure of that as they chased Atreyu and the survivors out of the Age. Cecelie was left to hide, saved only by her dark hair camouflaging her into the night, and the distraction of the bodies around her.

Months went by before Cecelie was able to speak again. The terror from her mother’s death and father’s abandonment left her speechless, and the only outlet she was able to process was to paint. The friends of her family that took care of her would leave her with a pallet of colors and a white board, then come home to an entire room filled with bright and bold colors. After months of recovery the girl finally began to come out of her shell, but only to innocent children. Children who had no hatred for knowledge, only a hunger for it. It didn’t take long for Cecelie to start teaching the children of the poor neighborhood she lived in, and one by one they flocked to her. A year and a half later and they still come, if only to learn to paint, read, and get away from their treacherous home lives.
Other :

Soldiers (except for one)
Men (except for one)
Standards people are expected to live by
Being alone

Healing, her mother was trained to be a 'doctor' in J'nanin before she started traveling

She thinks she can handle more than she actually can
Overly secure, doesn't take precaution
Will speak her mind & it gets her into trouble
Her infatuation with Hawke Vezzan

Her paintings are similar to these

Cece's Painting
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Jessica Burciaga
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Cecelie Atreyu
Cecelie Atreyu
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