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All about Hawke Vezzan

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Full Name :
Hawke Vezzan
Character Age :
Birthday :
December 14th
Home Age :
Rank :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Smitten with Cecelie Atreyu
Occupation :
Urun Soldier
Personality :
A man of very few words, Hawke does not find the time to bother with many people. Although one could hardly call him a crude beast, he is also no polite gentleman. He was raised to be a solider and that is what he is, he does not try to attempt to be anything else or put on a show. He cares not for the status being a soldier gives him or taking advantage of it; he does his work, and he is content in life. He is a serious man who does not find time for revelry; a stoic expression and demeanor follow him in any type of situation. Although given a grand education like any other solider, he does not bother with eloquent words or bothering to speak much. He says what needs to be said or explained as simply as he can, and moves on.

Although he has a rough exterior, Hawke has good intentions and a great sense of justice. He sees corruption is easy with the soldiers of Uru, and that many fall for that corruption, but he refuses too. He has no patience for nobility and although he has been requested to work for several noble families, he has declined them all. He feels the nobility of Uru is ridiculous and too heavy with politics and uselessness. He prefers to work in the slums, where he feels the true crime is and where people need the most help, and instead of having his own home he prefers to stay in Gabreeson in the barracks. Because of these things he is seen as rebellious, but he follows the rules and respects those in command so he continues to be allowed to serve as a soldier.
History :
Hawke's beginning is completely unknown to him, all he knows is he was dropped off at the front gates of Gabreesen and taken in to be trained as a soldier, he knows nothing else. He does not know that he worked beside his father for fifteen years, who was also a Urun soldier, or that his father had raped a woman in J'nanin and she left Hawke in Gabreesen for she could not handle raising the son of the man who had harmed her. Gabreesen would never turn away the opportunity for a soldier, so they took the baby in without question, knowing to train a child at a young age would be an advantage for them even after all the trouble of having a young boy around them. The first five years of his life he was raised by a nurse maid, before he was turned over to the soldiers and trained, never merely raised by them. He had no father figures and never was given a family environment.

Hawke was never given a choice in being anything but a soldier, and his life after five was a harsh one. He was never treated as a boy, but as a man, and was never babied or given special treatment. He was tested constantly on his strength and abilities and went through the same rigorous training all soldiers go through, and then some. Starting young gave him an advantage, far more many years to perfect the art of being an Urun soldier and more time to learn special tactics that other soldiers learn only from experience. He was taught to be a robot, to obey and serve and never question authority or the rules given to him. However Hawke always saw the world differently than he was taught to see it, not as a world full of corruption that must merely be contained, but a world with innocent people being overcome by corruption that can and must be stopped.

When he was ten years old he was given his first post to follow and guard a small family in Teledahn that was new money instead of old, and not seen as important as others. He protected them well and did his job perfectly, but Hawke began to see Teledahn was not just glittering gold and filled with splendor. He saw greed, injustice, backstabbing and dirty politics that all soon made him sick. He grew tired of the social climbing and the air headed women and began to resent his position there as a guard. He began to rebel against orders he felt were stupid or immoral, and began to be seen as too hot headed and rebellious. However the caption of the guard was not eager to let Hawke go and although Hawke showed distaste for the aristocrats, he remained respectful and loyal. So he was allowed some special treatment, and was given the chance to leave Teledahn and guard instead in Eder Kemo.

And there among the poverty is where he came to find he belonged. Hawke saw the horrible happenings and that not much was done to stop the crime, so he took it upon himself to make sure he dealt with it all. In Eder Kemo he felt useful and felt he was truly helping people, instead of following rich families around all day and listening to their idiotic chatter. Since Hakwe caused no more trouble, he was allowed to be “freelanced” as it were, allowed to go where he pleased and take it upon himself to help who he wanted instead of given directed posts. He stays strictly in Eder Kemo, helping whoever he can and making sure other corrupt soldiers keep in their place.
Other :
* His last name was taken from the last name of his nurse maid, Amelia Vezzan.

Putting people in there place
Sweets (secret sweet tooth)

People with no moral sense
Other soldiers
Myths and fairy tale stories
Being challenged

Sword and shield combat
Horse back riding

Convincing people to do things without a weapon
Cecelie Atreyu

Playby :
Channing Tatum
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Hawke Vezzan
Hawke Vezzan
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