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All about Meesha

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Full Name :
Meesha 'Ti'ana'
Character Age :
Birthday :
April 18th
Home Age :
Rank :
Holder of the Art
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Occupation :
Personality :
Yeesha was always considered a bit eccentric, but because of past experiences and life growing up, her daughter Meesha could only be described by other people in one simple word: mad. As a child she viewed her mother’s memories and saw her murdered, and since then she has never been the same and it only takes a few moments with her to see that there is something quite wrong mentally with the girl. She will laugh or cry at random with no reason at all, and can be repetitive when she speaks or with doing a task or movement. She also has problems of controlling herself, little ticks that will come and go like pulling at her hair or scratching her arms. At times she can be found covering her ears and closing her eyes if something unpleasant crosses her mind or vision and screaming when there is nothing to scream at. She also can be caught staring into the distance numbly where nothing can snap her out of it. All in all, she is simply mentally unstable and because of it, people keep their distance.

But if one were to look past the madness, they would see quite a sweet and well-tempered young woman. She is gentle, which reflects in her soft spoken voice and the effortless way she blushes. She is quite delicate and sensitive, about herself and about others and has an ease with animals and children. She loves to smile and play games, and is simplistic when it comes to life, enjoying a flower on the side of the road more than a jewel or fancy dress. She is shy but if she feels comfortable she could yammer on and on for hours, for she constantly has thoughts running rampage through her mind. However because of her upbringing and knowing who she is, she is very cautious of people and does not allow herself to trust many. She prefers to sit back and observe people and tinker in making little objects for her entertainment.
History :
On a rainy April morning, little Meesha was born in the home of Yeesha in Tomahna, brought into the world with the help of the Protectors. Meesha was adored by her mother and the Protectors and always watched over carefully. Meesha however was very well hidden the first two years she was able to spend with her mother, all on the basis of the Protectors giving Yeesha a warning. When Yeesha found out she was pregnant, the Protectors told her to tell no one and keep her growing stomach hidden and Meesha out of sight after she gave birth. Yeesha did not understand why, but she trusted the Protectors and did as they said. Meesha was not allowed to venture outside, but as a small baby she never seemed to mind, content to be indoors and enjoy the sole company of her mother.

It was a few months after she turned two that her mother was captured and taken away from her home to live with the Protectors in their small encampment outside the Memory Chamber. She was too young to understand anything that was happening, not even when she was told her mother would never return. Meesha spent two years asking when her mother was finally coming back, until she came to understand that her mother was dead. The Protectors did not want her to be disheartened by this news however, and told her that they had taken Yeesha’s body and placed it in the Memory Chamber and that now her soul lives there forever for her to visit when ready. When Meesha was seven however, curious and impatient, she wanted to see her m mother but was told she was not ready to learn the ways of the Memory Chamber and enter it. Stubborn, she slipped away in the middle of the night anyway and tried to use it, only to disastrous results.

Unable to control the flood of memories left from her mother’s soul, Meesha drowned in the images and was only able to see one scene of her mother’s life clearly: her being murdered. The Protectors found her screaming her head off and sobbing and from then on, she was never the same. Her mind changed, too young to have handled seeing her mother’s throat slit and not properly trained how to use the Memory Chamber, she became distant and mute. The Protectors tried many rituals of healing on her, but nothing worked, the permanent damage was done on her delicate mind. After some time she was able to recover enough to function again in life, to smile and laugh and enjoy herself, but the damage was irreversible and the scars forever remained. She stayed with the Protectors was many years, kept away from the world and was tutored privately. Her sheltered life was necessary growing up, but it did nothing to improve her mental health.

At seventeen she began to get a mind of her own, separate from what the Protectors thought and wanted for her. She began to feel being kept in one place would actually be more harmful in the end, especially if anyone found out a normal girl was living among them, she thought people would be too suspicious. Although it took a year of argument between her and her caregivers, they finally agreed for her to be able to leave for periods at a time and travel between the Ages, so long as she kept herself discreet and did not allow any attention to be drawn to her. With this she agreed too, and for the past several years has been traveling between the Ages, her mind and spirit as adventurous and thirsty for knowledge as her mothers. She has written and kept many personal journals of each Age, of the people, creatures, seasons, food…anything she observes. She has never, however, attempted at writing an Age.
History Continued :
Other :
Animals, especially birds.
Tinkering and making little random devices.
Dancing and singing.

Being touched.
People speaking to her about her mother.
People staring at her.
Being yelled at.
Uru soldiers (actually the word petrified is more accurate than dislikes)

She is often found with her arms crossed, her legs up to her chest and her head on her folded arms. She says it is a position that makes her feel secure and does this to calm herself down when she has random outbursts or breakdowns.

Her mother named her Meesha, but since it is far too close to Yeesha, she tells people her name is Ti'ana, the name of her great grandmother, so there is no suspicion.

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Astrid Berges-Frisbey
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