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All about Julian Waters

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Full Name :
Julian Riley Waters
Character Age :
Birthday :
December 5th
Home Age :
Rank :
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Relationship Status :
Occupation :
Portal Maintenance
Personality :
Perhaps the most distinctive feature about Julian is that he is an optimist. No matter what the situation he always finds a bright side and he always tries to see the good in people. Julian is very aware of other people and their feelings. He often forgets to think of himself in his endeavors to please and to help other people though he can be oblivious at times and he sometimes ends up saying the wrong thing.

Julian has a vast love of knowledge, he is a scientist through and through. He has an absolutely brilliant mind and is ahead of his time in many ways. He love knowledge for the sake of knowledge and he strives to use what he learns to better himself and the world. Julian does not hold faith in any god or divine being and he finds the idea absurd, though he always tries to be respectful this aspect of him can get him on people's bad side on occasion. Although Julian is brilliant and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge through science, he also has a very strong moral code. For him, science is not about what one can do but what one should do and he uses this principle to guide his entire life. Overall Julian is a very sweet and kindhearted young man.
History :
Julian was born to a loving couple in J'nanin on a very cold day in December. He was the product of long years and sleepless nights. Both his parents had wanted a child since they got married, they longed to start a family. However Julian's mother was a very sickly woman, she had three miscarriages before giving birth to Julian and everyone who knew them considered it a miracle that Julian had even been born. But oh what joy filled his parents' hearts when he was. They were so happy to finally have a child that they held a small celebration in their home for the occasion.

Julian was an inquisitive child with a very sharp mind and a keen interest in discovery. He was often found wandering around J'nanin looking for things to examine and bringing home strange pets, some of which frightened his mother half to death. His father was also a very brilliant man and Julian loved nothing more than to sit by his side and ask questions while he worked.

When Julian was three, his mother became very ill and eventually passed away, leaving Julian and his father alone in the house. Overcome by grief, his father buried himself in his work and became a recluse. Only his work and the company of his son seemed to give him any joy for a very long time. Eventually, however, he joined Yeesha in her effort to create and maintain portals that would lead to other Ages, when this happened he took Julian and moved to Tomahna where he would be able to converse with the Protectors whose wisdom he greatly valued.

In Tomahna, Julian took a great interest in languages and endeavored to learn the languages of all the Ages. By the time he was six he had not only mastered the languages of the different Ages but he also fully understood how the Portals worked and how to maintain them and keep them running.

By this time however, the war had started and misfortune was close at hand. Once his brilliance was discovered, Julian was forced to become a prodigy in Tomahna. At first, he did not mind this for he was able to gain knowledge and further his education, and being so young he did not fully understand the implications of war. His father, however, saw tensions rising and he knew that his life, as well as the life of his son were in grave danger. A few weeks before he was killed, Julian's father sent him back to J'nanin where he was to go into hiding. Despite the efforts of the Nanites to keep him hidden, Julian was soon found and sent back to Tomahna where he was employed in fixing and maintaining the portals.

Julian began to sorely resent being a prodigy, though he still delighted in the knowledge that was made available to him he also started to understand the corruption and greed of the Queen of Uru. He also saw how the other prodigies were torn away from their families and forced to work in unhappy conditions. It was during this time in his life that Julian began to sneak away from the labs to visit the Protectors who he highly respected.

It was here that he met Meesha, the secret daughter of Yeesha. From the moment he saw her he became fascinated with her and decided that he wanted to help protect her in any way he could. She was a rare and beautiful jewel in his eyes and he began to sneak out more frequently to visit her. The two soon became wonderful friends and Julian helped the protectors to teach Meesha what he knew. When Meesha was scarred by the Memory Chamber, Julian took it very hard and he strove to cheer her up and comfort her in her fragile state. His view of her did not change even when it became apparent that the traumatizing experience had left a permanent mark on her, if anything it made him more determined to keep her secret and to help her in any way he could.
Other :
Anything that has to do with science
Gaining Knowledge



Often rambles much too long on scientific matters
He can't sleep if his bed is beside a window
He gets the hiccups when he's nervous
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Matthew Gray Gubler
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Creator of Georgia and Roshen
Julian Waters
Rank: Prodigy
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