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All about Roshen Kirkland

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Full Name :
Roshen Nathaniel Kirkland
Character Age :
Birthday :
December 2nd
Home Age :
Rank :
Tomahna Head Scientist
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Occupation :
Head Scientist
Personality :
Roshen is the definition of cold and unfeeling. He cares only for science and he sees everybody else as below him for he believes them to be idiots (even the Queen of Uru, though he would never say that to her face). He is possibly one of the most arrogant men on the planet, believing himself to be untouchable and unmatched in intelligence. However, he is in fact a genius, the problem is that he knows it and that is what makes him so arrogant.

Roshen firmly believes that everything can be explained with science of some sort. That which he cannot explain using science he dismisses as nonexistent or foolishness. In fact, what he can't explain scares him to death though he, of course, doesn't admit this. He is very cunning and he believes very strongly in human experimentation. The people of the world are his kemo fish. However, for all his cunning and intelligent schemes, when it comes down to it, Roshen is a coward. He can't stand to be cornered and when he is he always finds a way to escape or else he panics. This is one of the reasons for his favorite past time: creating new diseases. Most of these he shares with the queen but the most deadly ones that he creates he keeps for himself in case he should need to use them. All in all, Roshen can be defined as a mad scientist.

History :
Roshen was born to an aristocratic family in Uru. What little people know about him is that he was an illegitimate child. His mother, also a scientist, had an affair with an Urun Soldier and when she found out that she was pregnant she spiraled downward into insanity. She passed the child off as her husband's but grew to resent Roshen as well as his father. Still, she was not a cruel mother. She nurtured him and took care of him in his younger years but started to neglect him as he got older.

When Roshen was five is adoptive father died under mysterious circumstances. This affected Roshen little however, for he instinctively stayed away from his false father and clung insistently to his mother.

Roshen was always a very bright child and when he was twelve he discovered that his mother had been experimenting on the servants in secret and he also discovered that she had been the one to poison her husband. When she found out that Roshen knew she tried to kill him off as well but he stayed her hand by begging her to teach him what she knew. Instead of teaching him herself she sent him off to Tomahna where he became a prodigy.

Roshen studied hard in Tomahna and he soon found himself in the position of Head Scientist. To this day he continues to be the queen's spy and to search for anyone who holds The Art.
History Continued :
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Other :
Experimenting on people


Anything he can't explain
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Rasha Bukvic
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I love writing!
Roshen Kirkland
Rank: Tomahna Head Scientist
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