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All about Astrao Pithicus

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Astrao corenthus Af'renti Pithicus
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Astrao is strange for a Nanite, to say the least. He is a bit of an outcast, staying to himself, and entering the village only when necessary. He lives in an out of the way hut, eating fish from traps he sets along the shore. Intentionally keeping his contact with others to a minimum, he lacks what many villagers consider common knowledge. And common sense.

He works hard at his chores, and harder on his boats, crafting them to perfection. They are his life, and he spends time doing little else. Accompanied with his work, he usually drinks. Heavily. It's a mystery to the village how one who can barely walk strait at the best of times, and can't even stand at the worst, manages to build such fine boats. Attending school only until he was twelve, he has never pursued academic knowledge, and knows only enough math to be sure he isn't cheated. Selling boats is his one passion, the one thing he lives for. Why, however, is the biggest mystery of all, because he is mortally terrified of water.
History :
Growing up like any boy in the village, Astrao worked hard, played hard, and stayed active. He was always known to be doing something, trying something, experimenting on something. Because of this, and chores, he was left with very little time for anything else, like school. At the age of twelve, he dropped out, ignoring the chance to pursue education. He spent a few years assisting his father on the fishing boats, loving the water and everything in it.

By the time he was fifteen, he secured an aprentice-ship with a local boat builder, loving the work. He learned fast, and put much care into the job. The same could not be said about his master. The old man was fat and lazy, and cared about his boats only because they paid for his drinking. Through this poor craftsmanship, he was often comissioned to repair faulty crafts. Sometimes, however, repairs came too late. It's through this that his fathers boat went under not far from land. The bodies were never found.

Raught with distress, Astrao blamed his master, blamed his father, his fathers crew. But most of all, he blamed himself. Perhaps if the culprit had been acknowledged, seen as the failure he was, Astrao would have been fine, would have had a normal life. Instead, the blame was brought down on a young apprentice, because surely the man they had bought boats from all these years could not be so careless. With the perceived failing upon him, he was no longer a recognized boat-builder, and so he left.

Life in J'nanin is hard, but not impossible if you are smart. He camped around at first, before finding a quiet beach and settling in. While not technically banned from his village, it was clear he was not wanted there, and so he went back only to stock up on spirits. If you are told something, told it repeatedly day in and out, you start to believe it. And Astrao started to believe he had caused his fathers death. He threw away his trade, locking up his tools, determined to never build another boat.

After years alone on the beach, he grew into depression, anger, self-hatred, and the thing that ate away at him the most was not knowing. Not knowing whether or not it really was his fault that his father died. When he woke up after a storm, to the perfect tree felled near his hut, he couldn't resist. He shaped it, carved, worked at it non-stop, without eating or resting for two days. When he was done, he had made his best creation yet, beautiful, sleek, elegant. He burned it. In his fathers honor he set it out across the water, flames consuming his work.

After that he couldn't stop. He built boat after boat, different designs and purposes, but they all ended the same. In flames. Through some twisted fate of luck, one was found. The fire extinguished by rain, even the damage couldn't hide the skill that built it. After Astrao's old masters death, drowning when one of his own boats split in two, the village suffered with no one to take up the craft. Needless to say, there usually aren't many skilled craftsman outside of a village, and so the Nanites knew exactly who was making the boats. They would have welcomed him back with open arms, and apologized for everything. Instead, he stayed on the beach, now selling his boats instead of setting the on fire, and remains the shameful secret of his village.
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Boats, Alcohol, Solitude, The Outdoors

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Ridley Scott
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I love the Myst series. It is undeniably a living force of nature, second only to Chuck Norris, and is the most awesome game series ever! (Excluding games featuring Chuck) I'm going to try to check in at least once a day, but I'm not always good at remembering, but I will definitely check in every few days. Along with this site I am also on Bastion, a fantasy RP forum, at:

Astrao Pithicus
Rank: Nanite
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