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 PARADOX [Multifandom - jcink]

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PARADOX [Multifandom - jcink] Empty
PostSubject: PARADOX [Multifandom - jcink]   PARADOX [Multifandom - jcink] EmptyWed Apr 17, 2013 1:02 am

PARADOX [Multifandom - jcink] Sitead
Something has begun to tear the boundaries worlds.

Not so long ago, scientists managed to create an artificial wormhole. It existed only for a few, brief moments, but it was hailed as the greatest scientific advancement of the decade, if not century. Those scientists had no idea the consequences their experiments would bring.

The very fabric of reality is beginning to tear, and rifts have begun to open in every world imaginable. Worlds we thought to be fictional turn out just to be alternate realities, and none of them are safe. The rifts can take anyone, from any world, at any time...the only common thread, is that once taken, everyone ends up in the same place: The City.

Paradox is a newly reopened multi-fandom site. We have no word count and accept canons and originals!
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PARADOX [Multifandom - jcink]

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