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 To Be Proud (pb)

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To Be Proud (pb) Empty
PostSubject: To Be Proud (pb)   To Be Proud (pb) EmptySat Mar 23, 2013 12:22 am

Nearly two years have passed since the Hantaviruses that swept through the human realm of Ostlea. A new king has risen to power and sits high upon his throne. The Cosa Nostra, drug rich mafia families, has replaced the human militia. Soldiers who protest are thrown in jail or sent out in exile. Beneath the streets of the capital rallies a rebellion.
The Blackburn Mines, a neutral territory for all the races, have gone under siege by the Cosa Nostra. The mob desires the iron ore for weapons to strengthen their hold in Ostlea. After the War of Teeth nearly a century ago, the elves believe it wise to turn their cheek in feigned ignorance. The dragons had dealt a heavy blow to their homeland, one they cannot afford again. Tensions with the dragons still run high.

Rumors ghost of a potential salvation. Could the undine be guarding a buried secret? Is there more than sand at the bottom of Laroona Lake?

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To Be Proud (pb)

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