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 Sizael Fantasy: The Timepiece Turns!

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D 13/3/3

PostSubject: Sizael Fantasy: The Timepiece Turns!   Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:25 pm

Sizael: An original fantasy where actions & inactions matter!

Alfendyr is king. Dangers congregate. The Timepiece will turn.

The queen's murder confirmed, Sizael Kingdom is plunged into the dark reign of her master, Alfendyr. Whilst the mysterious Druid Timepiece continues to turn, the pirates declare war against their unknown enemies, the surviving Elite Sorcerer returns to restore the old ways and the Deabition General starts his move. But what of Rajva City's fate and the Higher Being known as the Chaos Dragon?

The Timepiece will strike it's last hour - what will you do?

~*~ Choose and change your post count requirement!
~*~ Open to all levels of writing ability!
~*~ No being a slave to the storyline - your own plots and actions change our world!
~*~ Rewards and consequences caused by IC actions!
~*~ Consequences await for IC inactions!
~*~ 3 races: Jateri, Human & Anubian!
~*~ 11 character classes: assassins, pirates, knights, magic-users, paladins, druids, rangers, mercenaries, smithies, amigari & stridesmen!
~*~ Features joinable groups, companions, followers, merchants, nobles, blood mages, necromancers, nealforiens and more!
~*~ Events, awards, blogs, NPCs and more!
~*~ Not a lot of 'required reading' just to get started!
~*~ Established since 2008, active and friendly.

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Sizael Fantasy: The Timepiece Turns!

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