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 Elorien ~ an original fantasy

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Elorien ~ an original fantasy Empty
PostSubject: Elorien ~ an original fantasy   Elorien ~ an original fantasy EmptySun Mar 10, 2013 11:06 am

Elorien ~ an original fantasy Ad2

There is a tentative peace spread among Agne and Melandra, so tense it can be felt just along the border between the two countries. Glaring eyes of guards line the border, a swift word away from bloodshed. Trading is good and Crafters are loving the tentative freedom that allows them to travel between the two countries in peace. There have been no skirmishes in the past five years, but all of this is quickly to come to an end.

Elorien is an intermediate to advanced original fantasy role playing game revolved around the bonding of dragon and gryphon alike. The special bond these pairs form allow them to wield special Talents, traits from the elements from fire breathing to sonic scream. With many types of characters to choose from, original and commonly known, Elorien is an expansive world and can grow as much as the memberbase allows. We look forward to you helping it grow.

You choose who will be victorious at Elorien!

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Elorien ~ an original fantasy

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