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 Lost in (too many) Thoughts

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PostSubject: Lost in (too many) Thoughts   Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:04 pm

Myst Island…felt more like home than what was technically supposed to be her home. She didn’t worry about crowds of people here or suspicious eyes watching her and knowing she was out of place. No, here she belonged, she blended in with anybody else and that was certainly what she preferred and had been taught as a child. Keep out of sight, and Myst Island was perfect for that, for she could be seamlessly in sight and still not gain any interest from anybody. Only certain people bothered to come here, it was not as if it was brimming with excitement. No one paid attention to anyone else and she could allow herself to relax and not constantly be looking over her shoulder. Many came here to read, Myst Island had the best library of all the Ages, but Meesha didn’t come to read…mainly because she had already read every single book, most of them more than five times.

She liked to tend to the island, that was her true purpose, since in the past few years it was not upkeeped like it once was, at least not the way she thought it should be. So every once and a while she came to care for the island; tidying up the library, dusting off the museum , polishing the chair in the observatory…simply anything that needed to be done. She liked it, puttering around with a smile on her face, humming a tune and making sure to keep out of anyone’s way and not disturb them .Today however after the norm routine of chores she was used to doing was done, she decided to do something different. It was starting to get warmer as the winter chill began to pass and some flowers were beginning to perk up as spring came calling. She thought it would be nice to bring some cheer to the inside of the buildings, and so she set on the task of picking wildflowers.

Delicately she picked them one by one, crooking one arm against herself to make a makeshift basket to hold the growing pile of wildflowers. As usual for Meesha, her mind began to wander off as always, going onto random thoughts. First she started thinking about how she would arrange the wildflowers, then to the fact she would need vases, then to where she would get vases, which turned to thinking of the beautiful pottery in Riven, to only remember they did not take kindly to strangers and probably would not give her any of their pottery…which then lead on to thinking of Riven’s foliage and that turned into her remembering her notes on the plants there and how she had been studying their survival in harsh rain conditions. These string of thoughts occupied her mind so greatly that she stopped paying attention to her surroundings and went on autopilot as she picked flowers, only to find herself suddenly bumping into someone and let out a startled gasp, dropping all the flowers she had collected.


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Lost in (too many) Thoughts

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