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 Devil's Dalliance - a DMC/SPN Crossover RP

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PostSubject: Devil's Dalliance - a DMC/SPN Crossover RP   Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:36 pm


IT'S been two years since Dante brought down Mundus and destroyed the hellgate, allowing for the curtain that held Limbo back from the human world to fall. Mundus' control over the human population ended and for the first time in years they started to wake up from the lax and lazy state that he had put them into. For the first time in years mankind was fully awake and the world they were waking up to was one that took no pity on their confusion. Demons, monstrous creatures that wanted nothing more than to eat anything that breathed, were able to easily slip through the tattered remains of the veil to cross over into the real world.

All of mankind, however, was not caught unprepared.

They went by the name of 'Hunters' and they were an informal and only loosely connected group that ranged across the world. Working in the dark and outside of the law, these people dedicated their life to studying demons and all other monsters that went 'bump' in the night, learning how they lived and how they died. With Limbo torn open their work was rapidly increased and not that long ago they had stumbled across a bit of information given by a demon desperate to not be killed: Mundus was not dead. Not... entirely.

Years and years ago it had occurred to him that there was a possibility, small as it might be, that he could die and without an heir. His reign could end and this simply could not happen. In order to prevent this the demon king devised a plan: He picked children from all over the world and marked them with a piece of himself, with his own blood. These children had nothing in common with each other save for the fact that they were given Mundus' blood and, through that blood, the demon king would always have a way to bring himself back. The blood also had another side-effect of warping the children both physically and mentally, granting them special abilities while slowly chipping away at their sanity.
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Devil's Dalliance - a DMC/SPN Crossover RP

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