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 Meesha's Father

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PostSubject: Meesha's Father   Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:22 pm

I'd like to have Meesha's father pop up sometime for some interesting plottage. I do not mention Meesha’s father in her history at all for the sole purpose of leaving it open for future plots with him.

There are endless possibilities about her father. It could be possible she was told about him as she grew up but never met him, told he died, is close to him now or knows of him but he doesn't wish to see her or maybe doesn't even know she exists...endless paths I'm willing to plot out with whoever wants to pick him up.

Yeesha had Meesha when she was around 23, two years before the war, and Meesha is 20 now. Her father could have been around Yeesha's age or older, doesn't matter to me. I do see him as being Urun though, because Yeesha spent more time in Uru than any other Age and probably knew him for several years, though whether they got married or not before having Meesha is something that could be picked out for I never thought of it one way or another.

I have a picture of Aiden Turner as Kili from the Hobbit because he was my eye candy through that entire movie and I'd love someone to use him as a playby lol BUT he is not set in stone for this character so you may change it to someone else.

Anyone interested just shoot me a PM : )


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Meesha's Father

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