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 Innisfree Academy - Shifter RPG

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PostSubject: Innisfree Academy - Shifter RPG   Innisfree Academy - Shifter RPG EmptySat May 25, 2013 6:58 pm


[align=center]Innisfree Academy - Shifter RPG Infresized

Here's your reality check: this is no dream.

I know that this is really hard to believe but it is a genetic trait that your family has now passed down to you. You can't do anything about it but learn to live with it.

You are a shapeshifter.

We can make the transition much easier though. See, here in the middle of the Appalachians lies Innisfree Academy. A place where all people who have this ability come to find closure and acceptance. Unknown to humans, we give you a life full of normality as you live with other shifters and partake in various events. This boarding school is one of a kind.

So whether you shift into a butterfly or a snow leopard, we are here to help you harness your ability and be able to live comfortably with it.

Though be careful. A handful of students have been going missing recently. One has turned up alive, mauled and stark raving mad from whatever had happened to him. The rest, however, were found dead. There are no leads as to who is doing this, no idea what is causing it. Security has been increased at the school, but it is hard to protect the students from a seemingly invisible force.

Even though this school is safer than being at home it is not safe from everything. There is someone...something targeting Shapeshifters and so precautions must always be taken. Keep your eyes peeled at all times. Regardless of these recent events, try to enjoy your time here at Innisfree Academy.
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Innisfree Academy - Shifter RPG

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