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PostSubject: FAQ   FAQ EmptyWed Dec 19, 2012 8:01 pm

Do I need to have played the Myst games to join the site?

Of course not! The site is loosely based on the game series; meaning the people, ages, creatures and some of the history is based on the game’s structure, while other parts are completely changed from the game series. As long as you read the pages under Guidebook, you should know all you need to begin roleplaying. If you have any further questions however, the Admin will be more than happy to explain things further. We don’t expect anyone to use the terminology correctly, know the lands and people perfectly or anything like that right off the bat. It’s absolutely fine to make mistakes until your adjusted, no one will fault you for it.

Can I create a creature instead of a human?

If you have a creature and/or species that is not listed that you would like your character to be, you must clear it with the Admin. The Admin will decide if the creature/species fits into the world of Myst. This will be accepted on a rare occasion.

Are there or will there ever be worldwide plots/events on the site?

The plot of the site in its entirety is that for eighteen years people have been trying to create linking portals that let people travel to other Planes besides Myst. People know that there are other Planes and wish to make the linking portals able to travel to these other worlds. The only person who knew how to do this was Yeesha, descendent of the creator of Myst and its Ages. They killed her after she tried destroying the linking portals and it is believed she was the last and only person who knew how to travel to different worlds. There are others however who are able to possess this ability.

As for storyline plots that will have beginnings and ends, that is up to you as members to decide. Here on Into the Myst, storyline plots are based on the things members role-play and create. The Admin will keep an eye on active threads to see what people come up with and that in turn can be used for storyline plots. For example, let’s say your character does something to anger a person in power in another Age and that person wishes revenge. From that, a war could spur between both Ages because of it and affect all other Ages in the midst of it. The Admin (with permission from the characters) could then create a storyline plot based on that one thread. It allows members and not just the Admin to control events and progress the story.

Events created by the Admin such as festivals/holidays, natural disasters and other storyline plots will also be in play from time to time. Some may affect all the Ages or a specific Age. All storyline plots can be found on the left navigation bar. When a new plot is put in place, it will be announced in the news.

In what time setting is Into the Myst set in?
Myst does not have a certain time period like 1700's or BC/AD. It can be considered a medieval fantasy setting. There are different types of technologies mentioned, but no modern items are allowed or to be mentioned. Items such as guns, cellphones, internet, cars, modern food, modern clothing, modern slang etc are not allowed. If it existed before the 1800's, it is more than likely allowed in Myst. If it existed after, than it's probably not accepted.

Can I play a character that's from an Age that is not on the forum?
Yes. Before the war there were many other Ages than just Uru, J'nanin, Tomahna, Riven and Myst Island. However these Ages were either annihilated, primarily by Uru, and/or their linking books destroyed and are no longer accessible. People from these Ages though could have very well fled to the remaining Ages on the forum during the war, so it is allowed to say a character was originally from another Age no longer in existence/accessible.
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