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Layout design by Corky. Altered banner and background credited to their artist. History, ages, creatures, races and concept art credited to Cyan Worlds and Ubisoft, alterations credited to Corky.

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Astrao Pithicus

Character Age : 34
Home Age : J'nanin
Occupation : Boat-Builder

PostSubject: Amateria   Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:59 pm

Age name: Amateria
Age nickname: The age of virtue
Environment: A small island, warm and moist, frequented with nasty storms and floods. The skies are almost always shrouded with clouds, and the sea is in constant turmoil. Much of the land has been landscaped, organized into hexagons to create order and balance, as well as be practical and synchronous with the structures that are built.
Inhabitants: Amateran
Population: Medium
Technology: Amateran technology is the epiphany of modernization, utilizing steam, sound waves, plumbing, furnaces, boilers, fans, boats, cranes, wagons, air and water pumps, clocks, elevators, water filtration, sound barriers, submersibles, stoves, and mechanized bridges, doors, locks, etc. They understand the properties of physics, working with the laws of nature, applying it to architecture and design, using chemistry to alter substances, and even applying light waves to create moving images. Alchemy is common practice, along with almost any other science. In this age, the religon that governs them is also concidered a science, and is the equivalent of social sciences in other ages.
Portal Location: Off the main island, on a small rock, accessible only by solving the three protecting puzzles.

A pinprick of light in a vast dark ocean, Amateria is a small island, and beacon of hope against the continuous storms that plague the age. Storms of rain and thunder and lightning, crashing down on the people, flooding homes and land, somehow the people survive, outlasting the harshest of conditions rather than abandon their home. They did so by emphasizing the three virtues, to the point of religious reverence. Order, Balance, and Synchronization. These core values focused the Amaterian lifestyle, and are the three great laws that no citizen would even ever consider breaking.
Their peaceful lives soon came to an end with the war. The invasion of Urun soldiers was easily met, with superior defenses, so intricate and complex to the point of ridicule.
However, this threw off the balance they lived with, and contrasted the morals they lived by. They were one of the ages that pushed for peace, hoping to learn from the other ages, and grow from their experiences. However, it quickly became apparent that eventually the Urun soldiers would succeed, through sheer force of numbers. In retaliation they removed the portal from their society, and safe guarding it with four puzzles, that would ensure any who reached it would be worthy, and well versed in the three laws. This was a last resort, second only to destroying the portal permanently. They believed the possibilities too great, the knowledge to be had to important to destroy it, and so they reserved it to their elite, and hoped someday the war would end...


The first of the three puzzles protecting the portal, the resonators use highly amplified sound waves to create sound barriers. A glass ball is rolled along a track looping through the resonators, and if the controls are set correctly, will pass through each one, moving the ball to the end. If the resonators are off, the ball will smash against the barriers. This puzzle was designed to teach order, so that everything may progress in due turn. This puzzle is the largest of the three, spread out over a large area, with loops of track reaching outwards to five stations with the resonators and their controls, and is located to the west.


The second puzzle protecting the portal, this is essientially a large balance. The weights must be set correctly, along with the position of the scales pivot point, so that it will create a flat path for a glass ball to roll along. It was designed to show that not only must things be balanced, but sometimes that balance does not entail all elements being perfectly equal. The smallest puzzle, it is little more than a half tube, with a weight on one end and a track for the counter weight and glass ball on the other. It is found to the south end of the island, with a hut on the left to adjust the counterweight, and a maze to the right, long corridors lined with the hexagonagal plots of land.


The third puzzle that protects the portal, the spinners are not actually on the island, but stretch out just off the coast. They are slightly smaller than the resonators, though still quite large. Once again the solution of this puzzle is to help a glass ball travel through the tracks. The two spinners rotate independently, and if the controls are set right, will launch the ball between each other on sets of overhead tracks. The spinners have six slots for the ball to sit in, and every other one has no holder, so the ball will fall through. The controls must be set to allow the ball to move back in forth between the two spinners, in a way that will allow it to reach the end track.

Central Building

Upon completing the three puzzles, the central building contains the final step. The three puzzles allow a ball to pass through, the central puzzle connects them, allowing the ball to complete each puzzle, and open the path to the portal. The puzzle is simple, aligning the controls to create a path between each puzzles entrance and exit. If everything is aligned correctly, then the glass ball is formed that around the controller, and after rolling through each puzzle comes to a stop at the portal. The building is large, with various tracks crossing it apparently at random. The upper level has a small platform with a chair from which the controls are worked.
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