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A magnificent city and the capitol of Uru, there is nothing that Teledahn lacks. It possesses all the newest technology and is dripping with lavish items and the richest foods, jewels, carriages, clothing and anything else you can think of. Here is where the King and Queen reside and all aristocrats, all protected by the best soldiers of Gabreesen. The city is pristinely kept and the fashions are always changing, down to the color of the buildings in the market and the horseshoes on horses; keeping up with the newest trends is difficult if you do not have the money to do so. Teledahn is luxurious to the point one would say it is ridiculous; there are actual jewels inlaid on the roads, signs made of silver, the buildings made of crystal and all the homes could not be simply called homes, but mansions. There is nothing unreachable in Teledahn for the rich and every possible luxury is given to them on a silver platter. No commoners are allowed in Teledahn unless given permission, such as work and foreigners must have a proper purpose to enter. Subforum: Castle
18Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:26 am
Hawke Vezzan I summon thee (open)
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Kadish forest is a place shrouded by mystery and feared by many, to the point most prefer to spend four days extra going around it to travel than go through it. It is said Bahro’s run wild and rabid here and when people go missing, it is believed blood thirsty Bahro’s took them. Many also say evil spirits reside here and the tree’s move and kidnap people, though none of this has ever been proven or documented. Even for the forest being seen as evil, it is quite a bright place, for there is much space between the trees that allows light to pass through. There are many clearings and boulders and although the area is surrounded by hills, the forest itself is very flat. Subforum: Gabreesen
131Thu May 30, 2013 1:43 pm
Hawke Vezzan Everything Was Going So Well
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Eder Kemo

Surrounding the outskirts of Teledahn is where all commoners reside, forced to stare at the beauty of Teledahn and more than likely never achieve in entering it. Eder Kemo is literally layers of buildings stacked upon other levels of buildings, all connected by slopes, bridges or stairs. The first two layers of the town could not be considered grand, but it is clean, well-kept and well lit. These two levels are reserved for those who have enough money to survive comfortably and whose jobs are respected even by aristocrats. These people have jobs like blacksmiths, couturiers, builders and chefs. Every level after the first two gets worse and worse. The further down you go in Eder Kemo, the darker, dirtier, smellier and more crowded it becomes until you are right into the slums. If one does not have a respected job, they struggle to survive and many people die on the streets, so much so that a large fire pit was made to get rid of the sickly bodies.
5276Fri May 31, 2013 2:43 pm
Hawke Vezzan Preconceived Notions
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