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The tallest and most ornate building in J’nanin, which stands in the middle of the island. It once was a lighthouse until Atrus placed powerful, solar powered lamps instead on J’nanin’s beaches that allowed precious oil to no longer be needed to function the lighthouse at all times. It was then converted to a laboratory for Atrus when he became fascinated with J’nanin’s rocks, but after his passing the observatory was turned over for different uses. Since Nanites do not have a natural desire for science, Atrus’s laboratory was pulled apart and instead used as a school for the children. The observatory is also used for shelter during storms, for it is made out of sturdy whale bone. Atrus’s instruments, drawings and studies still remain in the observatory and the Nanites are very firm in not allowing anything to be taken. It is locked at night, but open for anyone to venture inside during the day. The first few floors are used for storage, such items like emergency supplies, food, clothing and items for festivals.
17Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:18 am
Cecelie Atreyu Fear makes the wolf look bigger
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The village of J’nanin is small and simple, made entirely of solid wood and rope. It is split in two levels; one level is down below upon the beach, where the buildings of business lay; like the tavern, inn and market. On large stilts above them is the second level of the village, where the homes sit overlooking the ocean. The second level can be accessed by an elevator or by walking up the sandy and rocky slopes that cover the island. The buildings, although not rotten, are not very well kept. The wind and water have eaten away at many of the structures, but as long as the building isn’t falling apart, it is not a concern to fix the little things or make it gleam like it is brand new. Almost every night there are festivities, the village lit up with fireworks, food and decorations, usually for no particular reason other then to have a good time.
298Mon May 20, 2013 10:56 pm
Meesha A Walk Through Hatred
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Although it is never truly sunny in J’nanin, the beaches are still enjoyable to visit, if you can withstand the constant cold temperatures. The water is too cold to venture into, unless you are a native and are accustomed to it. The water in J’nanin is beautifully clear and pure and the sand is soft and fine, with seashells often found near the shore. Many little creatures are found scuttling about and Sunners are very often spotted sunning themselves on rocks by the water. Nanite children are often found here playing to keep out of their parent’s hair. The docks are also found here and maintained better than the village, for the docks hold the fishing boats and not only does this feed their own village, but Nanite's often sell fish to other Ages. Boats are kept in pristine condition, for Nanite men take great pride in their fishing boats and it is often an ongoing contest of whose boat is bigger and better.
112Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:17 pm
Eria Hanas The Arms of the Ocean
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