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Temple Island

The Golden Temple was erected after Gehn took power of Riven and forced the people to build the Temple in his honor. It took three years to build it, made entirely of gold. It is a massive and impressive building that sits upon a high piece of rock, its luster seen all the way from the furthest corner of Riven. Inside is all gold as well, with paintings of Gehn depicted as a God on its walls and a slit in the middle of the building that lets in light. Inside is filled with golden pews encrusted with jewels and a giant golden statue of Gehn sits in the front. There is no set day for worship, the Temple is always open to those who wish to come and pay respects or pray. Every Rivenese family picks at least one day a week to come worship, while others may come every day. Offerings of food and wine are often left at the feet of the statue.
137Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:59 am
Lorelei Louvel Not How It Should Be
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Jungle Island

Jungle Island, as its name clearly suggests, is entirely made up of a rainforest environment. It peculiarly rains more on this island than the others, which is the reason for the thick mass of growth that covers it. One can hardly walk through it; there are no paths and hardly any clearings, without a machete it is impossible to get through for it seems even if a path is cleared one day the next it is taken over by vegetation once again. The trees are colossal, along with all other bushes, flowers and plants that live here, as if it was a world inhabited by giants. Trying to maneuver the jungle is hard enough alone, but there are plenty dangerous animals lurking hidden within the growth, always ready to strike if you cross their path. The sky can barely be seen here, for the tree’s grow so tall.
18Sat May 04, 2013 8:03 pm
Lorelei Louvel Goodbies and Good Tidings
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Plateau Island

Plateau Island to most would be considered inhabitable, with its jagged rocks jutting out from the ground every which way, it is extremely difficult to navigate and not even animals venture here very often. The Rivenese people however have ingeniously used this island to their advantage, and have built their village here .The jagged pieces of rocks that rise up are leveled out at the top, and homes made of clay, stone and wood sit carefully placed on top. Wooden bridges connect all the homes together, with platforms placed every few feet to be used to cook, place laundry or let children play. The homes are very sturdy, but earthquakes are not uncommon here and at times, though rare, one of the homes may fall and crash below. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches, where a few docks sit where boats can be found. Subforum: Tree of Riven
Tree of Riven
6237Thu May 30, 2013 2:12 pm
Lorelei Louvel Say What They May
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