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Myst Island

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Looking at it from the outside, one would not say the library is very impressive. It is a drab grey building with columns surrounding it, no decoration or texture to it what’s so ever. Four stone steps lead up to the large wooden door and once inside, it could then be said it is beautifully crafted. The inside is entirely made of cherry wood, with panels encircling the octagon shaped room. Each panel alternates between a painting of an Age and a bookshelf inlaid into the wall. Each bookshelf is organized by category for easier search, separated in sets like Ages, languages, novels, Atrus’s and Yeesha’s journals, encyclopedias etc. The library is always open and books are often added at random by other people, but no books are allowed to be taken off Myst Island, but can be taken out of the library as long as it stays in the Age.
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Another unassuming building that is spectacular once entered, the planetarium is also open to the public, but only one person can be inside and working it at a time. A chair sits in the middle of the dark room and once you sit in it, it reclines back to show you the entire ceiling. The planetarium doesn’t have a true telescope, but uses an imager, almost like a computer, to produce the sky on the ceiling in perfect clarity. Using the commands on the arms of the chair, a person can see what the night sky looked like hundreds of years ago, see what the sky looks like in different Ages and can view the current solar system and stars, with the ability to zoom in and out and move in all directions to pinpoint exactly what you wish to view.
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The museum was founded after the efforts of Yeesha and some of the Tomahna Prodigies during the war to keep precious artifacts from the Ages from being destroyed or stolen. They took important pieces of art, pottery, technology, pictures and other such items and hid them in a secret compartment underneath the library for safe keeping. A year after the war was over, those still loyal to Yeesha came to the desolate Myst Island and began to restore it, finding the artifacts that had been hidden. Intent to help keep the peace and educate people, the museum was founded and all the saved artifacts placed in it for those of other Ages to come and learn about the other lands. It is a round almost outdoor building with windows surrounding it acting as walls. Everything once was grouped by Age, but over the years of people touching and moving things, everything is now scattered.
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A path lined by marble columns leads from the buildings down to a medium sized fountain and behind and around it is a small wooded area with scattered tall pine trees. The trees are spaciously set apart from one another and the area is small, but the sound of the ocean and birds singing make it an ideal spot to sit and relax. New benches and tables have been placed here, to allow people to sit and read or just to admire. People are expected to respect the wildlife here and to keep the area clean and well kept. When people go through the portal and take the boat across the water to come to the island, they must walk through the park to reach the buildings. In the spring time, the entire area is filled to the brim with wildflowers.
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